Hyundai Ix35 2023
Hyundai Ix35 2023

Hyundai Ix35 preço interior suv

Hyundai Ix35. Due to the US and European economies’ current state, the new Hyundai IX35 2023 will be released to the automobile market with just minor, but well-considered changes. Some of the surprises that the new Hyundai IX35 2023 has to offer are tweaks to the outside of the car and upgrades to the base package. Although the South Korean company’s SUV is praised for its beauty and efficiency, it still required a “tap” in the aesthetic department to remain among the top rankings in this category. Check out the post we made below to learn more about the new Hyundai IX35 2023!

What changes will the Hyundai IX35 2023 make?

The IX35, which has been available in the US and Europe since 2010 but is still an imported model, has drawn notice for its performance when compared to other brands in the same category. It starts to be produced in the Goiás city of Anápolis and goes national in 2013. But it received a fantastic restyling as recently as 2015.

Currently, minimal but yet significant upgrades are anticipated for the new Hyundai IX35 in 2023.

With a wheelbase of 2,640 mm and dimensions of 4,410 mm in length, 1,820 mm in width, 1,655 mm in height, we can anticipate a more comfortable interior for all 5 (five) occupants. Its height is 170 mm above the ground.

The new Hyundai IX35 2023’s accessories, which make it a highly complete vehicle for its owners, provide more news. Betting on commonplace goods is one strategy for standing out among the many competitors in its category, and the new Hyundai IX35 2023 excels in this area.

Hyundai IX35’s consumption in 2023

The new Hyundai IX35 2023’s mechanical components may not undergo any significant changes until later, therefore its performance may be fairly close to that of the line 2017. Having a 2.0-liter 16-flex engine, it received a “A” grade by averaging 6.0 km/l with ethanol in the city and 7.2 km/l with ethanol on the highway.

Running on gasoline, it achieves an average city speed of 8.7 km/l and a maximum speed of 10.3 km/l when used in a road circuit.

New Hyundai IX35 2023 prices and model options

Check out the predicted costs for each variant below to see how much the value of the new Hyundai IX35 2023 can be increased due to the minimal changes:

Base price for the Hyundai ix35 2.0L 16v GLS Automatic Flex starts at $ 27050; Intermediate price for the Hyundai ix35 2.0L 16v GLS Automatic Flex is $ 28670; and Top price for the Hyundai ix35 2.0L 16v GLS Automatic Flex starts at $ 35170.


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