Acura Nsx Honda Hp Custom 2024
Acura Nsx Honda Hp Custom 2024

2024 Acura NSX Review Update

2024 Acura NSX. It has been revealed that the 2024 Acura NSX will be a sports car, and it will likely go on sale the following year. When we were about to forget about the Acura NSX, the maker unveiled a replacement. The Acura supercar is anticipated to receive an update the following year with a more appealing look and a ton of new technologies. Additionally, there are reports that it might be propelled by a brand-new EV system, similar to Honda’s imminent debut. Check out the information on the next Acura supercar below.

2024 Acura NSX Redesign

The appearance of the 2024 Acura NSX is no less attractive than a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. This year’s model will get a new carbon fiber roof and aerodynamic parts front, sides and rear. The NSX model will also be offered in new colors such as Gotham Gray and a matte metallic paint finish. From the information available, only 70 of the new 300 NSXs in the US have this unique livery. Apart from that, the new supercar will also come with adaptive suspension, Brembo brakes, new alloy wheels and LED exterior lights.

2024 Acura NSX Interior Rumors

The 2024 Acura NSX will definitely be more comfortable and intuitive enough for anyone to use as an everyday vehicle. However, compared to other Acuras, the NSX’s interior lacks the luxury feel and feel you’d expect from this manufacturer. However, it could still be equipped with optional leather and faux leather seats, a faux leather headliner, and a carbon fiber steering wheel. The seats are comfortable, but keen drivers may need a little more lateral support, too. The infotainment system features a 7.0-inch touchscreen on the current model, but we expect the new system to offer a larger screen with built-in navigation.

2024 Acura NSX Powertrain Specification

Based on the latest information, the new 2024 Acura NSX could be the first to use an all-electric system. Looks like it’ll borrow the same thing from the upcoming Honda Prorogue EV. So far, the NSX Type S is powered by a front wheel drive, while a third electric motor is included in the rear wheel. In addition, the 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine is capable of producing 600 horsepower and maximum power. 492 lb-ft of torque.

Transmission is a 9-speed dual-clutch automatic with paddle shifters under the steering wheel. It should also be noted that the electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery.

2024 Acura NSX Release Date And Price

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the NSX is currently $169,500, plus travel expenses. Given the many upgrades, the new NSX will likely be more affordable. While there aren’t any hybrid-powered competitors in this price range, there are some tantalizing alternatives to a conventional powertrain. For example, a Porsche 911, which produces 572 horsepower with a turbo engine, costs about $175,000. Plus, the more powerful Audi R8 V10 engine producing 602 horsepower starts at $200,000. If all of this is a problem for you, here’s another offering for the Chevrolet Camaro, which costs just $26,000.

Acura Nsx Interior White 2024
Acura Nsx Interior White 2024

2024 Acura NSX Update

After Acura announced its intention to bring back the Integra nameplate, we’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about a facelift for the 2024 Acura NSX. From the information available, the new NSX may be launched next year. Therefore, it seems that rumors about the discontinuation of this model are unlikely to be true.

As before, the next-generation model is expected to be powered by the same four engines. This model uses a twin-turbocharged V6 engine and an electric motor that together produce 573 horsepower. If that’s not enough for you, the manufacturer also offers a Type S model with 600 horsepower and 492 pound-feet of torque.

2024 Acura NSX Exterior Changes

From the outside, we wouldn’t expect some significant changes at all to appear in the next-generation 2024 Acura NSX. Of course the manufacturer will update some parts of this sports car to keep up with tradition, but that’s about it. Do not expect less modern designs, with the same shapes and proportions.

On the other hand, the Type S featured a more aggressive design, featuring a nose that had a more angular air intake. Aerodynamics have been improved over the regular model thanks to a larger rear diffuser and a reshaped front spoiler.

What’s New Inside?

Compared to its predecessor, we don’t expect many changes in the 2024 Acura NSX. The two new seats will offer the same seat layout and we don’t expect much luggage space. In standard form, the NSX will come with seats that are a combination of leather and Alcantara. Additionally, semi-aniline leather upholstery is optional. One downside to the current model is its infotainment system.

Acura Nsx For Sale 1991 Convertible 2024
Acura Nsx For Sale 1991 Convertible 2024

So, hopefully, Acura will add infotainment that’s much larger than the current 7-inch touchscreen. Other features to include as standard include keyless entry/start, dual-zone automatic climate control, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone integration, Bluetooth, heated seats, leather/Alcantara upholstery, and ambient cabin lighting.

2024 Acura NSX Powertrain Specs

Under the hood, the upcoming 2024 Acura NSX will likely use the same engine as its predecessor. The current model uses a twin-turbocharged V6 engine and an electric motor, which together produce 573 horsepower. Thanks to this engine, the NSX is one of the fastest cars in its class. Acura claims it can go from zero to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. If that’s not enough for you, there is also the Type S model.

The high-performance variant uses the same engine configuration, but develops 600 horsepower and 492 lb-ft of torque. It also has a nine-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. As you can see, the NSX is a supercar that delivers great performance at a much lower cost than its Porsche or Lamborghini competitors.

When Can The 2024 Acura NSX and Type S Models Be Expected?

The new 2024 Acura NSX and Type S models are said to hit the market next year. Most likely, we can expect both models to debut in the second half of 2022. Aside from minor upgrades outside and inside, the new NSX will likely retain the same engines as its predecessor. We’ve also heard that production is limited to 350 units, of which 300 are intended for US customers. Stay tuned for pricing and other updates as they become available.

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